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As I believe in the fact that music should be a common and free property without restricted access based on the personal financial situation, I refuse to make Cybergenesis part of the commercial machinery.

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Gedankengift (2012)

  1. Phlegrean Fields (Download) (Lyrics)
  2. Hydra (Download)
  3. Gedankengift (Download) (Lyrics)
  4. 90 Minutes (Download) (Lyrics)
  5. Ignorance (Download) (Lyrics)
  6. Revolution (Download) (Lyrics)
  7. Walls Of Silence (Download) (Lyrics)
  8. No Control (Download) (Lyrics)
  9. Nothing But Dust (feat. Donna Clara) (Download) (Lyrics)
  10. The Conquerors Worm (based on E.A. Poe) (Download) (Lyrics)

Rise Of A New God (2011)

  1. Future In Steel (Download)
  2. Arsonist (Download)
  3. Rise Of A New God (Download)
  4. Der achte Tag (Download)

Apocrypha (Archives)

  1. Future In Steel 2002 (Download)
  2. Isolated (Download)
  3. Betrayal (Download)
To be continued...