01.06.2012 'Gedankengift' released

Finally it is done: Cybergenesis released its first full time album 'Gedankengift' today.
The album is available completely free of charge under the Creativ Commons License (CCL) in the Soundscapes-section or as one-click download at Jamendo.
If you are interested in purchasing a 'hardcopy' version of the album, please send me a short mail using the contact form.
There will be also a limited metal box edition available.

10.03.2012 The Apocrypha Archives

From today on you will find a new song collection within the Soundscapes-section called 'Apocrypha'. This collection is meant to hold all those tracks that have been created but never been published in the past.
Those tracks are not all published at once, but will be added one by one in the future. As a start you will find the original version of 'Future In Steel' created in 2002 and 'Isolated' in the archives.

21.02.2012 Cybergenesis on YouTube

If you are interested in live videos and unpublished songs have a look at the Cybergenesis YouTube Channel.

29.11.2011 Sonic Seducer Battle Of The Bands

Cybergenesis has been selected to take part in the final round of the Sonic Seducer "Battle of the Bands 2011". Have a look at their page for more details, and if you like the music, do not hesitate to vote.

04.10.2011 Cybergenesis live

Cybergenesis is going to perform its first public live show on December 25th at the Till Dawn in Marburg.

31.08.2011 Cybergenesis on Darksection Radio

'Rise Of A New God' will be part of the 'Novum'-radio online show on Dark Section, along with other newcomers and fresh promos on August 31st, 16:00 (4:00pm). Feel free to tune in.
Thanks to DJ Silverfox for promoting Cybergenesis.

27.08.2011 Debut release 'Rise Of A New God'

Cybergenesis has released its 4-track debut 'Rise Of A New God'. It can be downloaded directly in the Soundscapes-section on this site or on Jamendo.